Drone Sensing Technology

 Drone Sensing

The infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation budget continues to decline from year to year, while many facilities are nearing to the end of their design life. In order to prolong structural lifespans, these assets need to be managed based on measureable information and accurate predictive models for an economical and rational asset management scheme.A GPS_based Remote Optical Monitoring system has been developed by integrating:
  1. Advanced HD Camera Capturing Technology;     
  2. Digital Image Processing Technology; and    
  3. Advanced GPS navigation system. 

This system can also be attached to an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
The specification of UAV is summarized in Table 1.


Table 1. UAV Specification 
tabel 1 UAV Drone Sensing Technology
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
[Courtesy of Keisoku Research Consultant, Japan]
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tn 240 61849846a4c79dabfa895133fe63a396.jpg Drone Sensing Technology
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The waypoints were set with GPS_based to make the UAV fly automatically through the desired points. Combining with reference RTK_GPS, the UAV can be directed to return to the original location with an accuracy of several millimeters. Integrating with advanced HD Camera Capturing Technology and 3D Orthogonal Digitalized Image Processing, crack width can be captured with an accuracy of 0.1mm or better. Furthermore, by utilizing Augmented Reality technique, captured images can be presented in a live, direct, view of physical perspective, and real-world environment.The described integrated system can perform infrastructure inspection at both micro and macro scales. The applicability of this system was confirmed through its deployment in numerous types of bridges. The monitoring results on Tower TopBridge Deck and the images recorded along the tower of the Oshiba bridge at Hiroshima, Japan are shown on this page.The asset management scheme is introduced by capturing structural parameter changes, e.g., crack distribution. The crack distribution database contributes to estimate structural deterioration symptoms. This measurable information can eventually guide capital investment and investment prioritization within a limited-budget asset management plan.

Flight plan with way points 

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Tower Top
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Bridge Deck
69642a23a11630fa78382be8c9acbf5f Drone Sensing Technology

Shooting forms from a distance of 20m
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Crack distribution  with accuracy better than 0.1mm
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Courtesy of KRC Japan
Oshiba Bridge Project
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ideo to enlarge its view
[Courtesy of Keisoku Research Consultant]

Asa Bridge Project
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[Courtesy of Keisoku Research Consultant]