Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Structural Health Monitoring

This service applies to bridges and other structures susceptible to progressive deterioration arising from such agents as scour, fatigue, crack growth, or from collisions, as with river-borne traffic.  The SHM system not only determines overall structural integrity, but it also provides information on excessive traffic burden and impact loading.
The SmartSensys customized monitoring system will provide overall bridge health information, and assess damage in areas where access is difficult if not otherwise  impossible.  It can also provide critical information that will aid owners and maintenance authorities in decisions regarding the allocation of maintenance and repair budgets.


  • Monitors long-term structural health to determine real-time reliability, and  provides decision making information
  • Monitors crack propagation due to fatigue and/or excessive loading
  • Monitors hot spot stress and strain
  • Monitors deflection/displacement due to scour, tilt, and/or excessive loading
  • Monitors translation displacement at expansion joint due to settlement, pier scour,  girder deflection, and temperature effects
  • Monitors overall structural health
  • Monitors  temperature effects
Some possible physical deficiencies and their possible sensors are listed as follows:
  • External crack: wireless crack sensor
  • Internal crack: stick scanner
  • Current stress condition: SLIT
  • Tower inclination: wireless tilt meter
  • Displacement: wireless displacement sensor
  • Relative deflection: On-Bridge Imaging System (during loading test)
  • Scouring: wireless tilt-meter and wireless strain
  • Temperature: wireless temperature sensor
  • Humidity: wireless humidity sensor
  • Security risk: human presence sensor




CIMG2112 300x225 Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)



SHM results 300x121 Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)