Wireless Sensor

General Description

A suite of remote sensors has been developed for post-hazard monitoring relevant to environmental, structural and security issues.


  • May be extended to long-term monitoring usage
  • Easy to integrate with other type of sensors
  • Robust and durable
  • Replaceable battery
  • Solar panel powered (optional)
  • Adjustable data sampling rate
wireless sensor network custom Wireless Sensor

Wireless Sensor Network


 Technical Description

  • FCC/CE Certified Wireless Radio Technology
  • 900 MHz Operating Frequency (25 channels)
  • 250 -350 ft Device Range (Actual range may vary depending on environment)
  • Optimized Power Management for Long Battery Life (0.5µA – Sleep Mode; 35 mA – Tx Current)



  • Operating Frequency:     900 MHz Operating Frequency
  • Battery Type:      Replaceable 3.0V Coin Cell Battery or 2 Replaceable AA 1.5 V Batteries
  • Dimensions:          2.775 in x 1.845 in x 1.285 in
  • Max Operating Temperature:      -20°C to +60°C (-4° to +140°F)
  • Optimal Battery Operating Temperature (Coin Cell):         +10°C to +50°C (+50°F to +122°F)
  • Device Range:     250 – 300 ft
  • Battery Life:         At 1 hour heartbeat setting, coin cell battery will last ~ 3-4 Years
  • Enclosure Material: ABS