General Description


UAV bridge11 300x94 SUAVE™


SmartSensys offers a unique capability in the area of non-destructive and non-disruptive structural assessment of difficult-to-access structures.  SUAVE, the SmartSensys Unmanned Aerial Vehicular Evaluation system, has the quantitative capacity to monitor critical joints, loose bolt conditions, structural member deformation, crack dimension and crack propagation.  Using a drone mounted visual capture and defect recognition system, this GPS-guided UAV system not only notates the specific locations of questionable areas but has sufficient documentation to return to precisely the same locations time after time to track any changes.

Gauging crack widths down to 100 microns (0.004″), incrementally different crack widths are displayed as different colors on captured images.  Thus visual comparisons between images taken during repeat SUAVE visits readily indicarte changes in crack status and population.  The same is true of truss joint evaluation.



 Shooting condition 300x264 SUAVE™measuring tower 280x300 SUAVE™


  • No traffic detours or disruption during bridge structure evaluation, no scaffolding and no cabling
  • Easy to set baseline for successive inspection purpose: easy to process visual image and link to GIS data, and easy to archive and reevaluate data
  • Long-term reliability
  • Enable to inspect “difficult to reach” portions of structures, such as hidden element and bridge top


Technical Description

Drone Sensing Technology Suave (Smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Evaluation) has been developed by integrating:

  1. Advance High-Definition Camera Capturing Technology, enable to capture crack width better than 100 microns in a distance of 60ft;
  2. Digital Image Processing Technology;
  3. Advanced GPS navigation system; the drone will follow a preprogrammed flight plan which will consistently take it to those areas of the bridge structures suspected of having experienced deterioration;
  4. The control system includes a built-in collision avoidance capability.




tabel 1 UAV SUAVE™




Crack Analysis


Crack Analysis 1024x382 SUAVE™


Crack width severity is displayed as four distinct colors

New Picture 13 SUAVE™

Structural Condition Monitoring