Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE)

SmartSensys  provides numerous NDE tools to evaluate current structural performance.

Non-Destructive Evaluation is carried out to baseline structural conditions such as corrosion, carbonation, cracking, and other defects.  The load bearing capacity of existing structures is an important facet of this service.

Non-destructive testing ensures the safe and efficient operation of a structure by detecting defects before they can  result in severe damage.  They also assure compliance with international standards.

NDE1 300x173 Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE)Wayne Bridge NDE 300x168 Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE)



  • Monitoring structures in a construction zone (Assembly sequence assurance)
  • Assuring stability for structures near a construction zone (safety assurance)
  • Verifying construction progress (delay avoidance)
  • Validating structural performance of new structures (quality control)


SmartSensys’ NDE technologies:

Smart EM


Smart OBDM

Stick Scanner

Fatigue Assessor