Facade Monitoring

General Description

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There are more than 15,000 buildings currently subject to local municipal laws in various cities throughout the United States that require periodic inspection of building facades. The purpose of these ordinances is to identify unsafe conditions — loose facade components or materials — that may fall and cause damage to property or injury and possibly death to pedestrians.

SmartSensys, LLC, is the first company with the capability to conduct detailed façade inspection for high-rise buildings using SUAVER, our “Smart Virtual Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Examination” system.

Prior to performing any close-up façade inspection, SUAVE will perform an Initial Global Screening, IGS, of the façade looking for structural anomalies.  SUAVE is a six rotor drone which is equipped with a camera used to record any signs of deterioration.  SUAVE will recognize cracks, water stains, spalls (sections where masonry has become dislodged), or displacement (typically outward shifting of a façade).  Employing GPS, SUAVE will follow a preprogrammed flight plan which will consistently take it to those areas of the building façade suspected of having experienced deterioration.


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  • No traffic detours or disruption during bridge structure evaluation, no scaffolding, and no cabling
  • Easy to set baseline for successive inspection purpose; easy to process visual image and link to IGS data; and easy to archive and reevaluate data
  • Long-term reliability
  • Ability  to inspect “difficult to reach” portions of structures such as hidden elements and bridge top


Technical Description

Suave Drone Sensing Technology (Smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Evaluation) has been developed by integrating:

  1. Advance High-Definition Camera Capturing Technology  able to capture crack width better than 100 microns at a distance of 60 ft.
  2. Digital Image Processing Technology
  3. Advanced GPS navigation system.   The drone will follow a preprogrammed flight plan which  directs it to those areas of the bridge structures suspected of having experienced deterioration
  4. The control system includes a built-in collision avoidance capability



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Crack Analysis


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Crack width severity is displayed as four distinct colors

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