EM Sensor

General Description

Our Smart Electro-Magnetic sensor is designed specifically to monitor real-time stress in bridge cables.  The scope of application includes suspension bridges, cable stayed bridges, dome structures, concrete structures, and geo structures such as tie-rod and ground anchorage.


  • No direct contact with the structural member
  • High durability for long term monitoringEM Sensor EM Sensor
  • Stress measured directly rather than by inference from strain measurements
  • Readings not affected or degraded by cable sheath
  • Early warning system of  impending deterioration

Technical Description

The Smart EM sensor system consists of 3 components:

1.  Sensor

2.  Power unit

3.  Optional internet server


There are two sensor types:

  • Pre-fabricated sensor for new structures.  These are hollow cylinders that may be slipped over structural members during construction and prior to tie-off
  • Site-fabricated sensors for existing structures.  These are attached to the structural member in-situ by over-winding two semi-cylindrical bobbins


EM specification EM Sensor